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Painting Estimator

  Painting Estimator

Superior Corp is your full service source for all of your home improvement needs from floor to ceiling.  So go ahead and take a moment to fill out the form below to obtain an instant quote for your next interior painting project.

For superior quality we provide 2 coats of Home Depot BEHR Premium Plus Ultra or equivalent for your walls in addition to minor wall prep (including patching wall hooks and scratches) and ceiling.  Any selected trim will be BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Semi-Gloss white or equivalent.

Enter the dimensions of the room you would like painted:

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Please identify any issues that may need to be repaired.

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Doors, Window Frames and Closets

Please identify if there are any doors, window frames or closets that will also need to be painted.

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By submitting this information, our system will generate an estimated quote for the job as requested, it is not a guarantee and may be adjusted based on receiving additional information or an on site visit.  Please note there is a minimum project charge of $724.






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